A healthy routine is important for both you and your child living with PKU.

Start healthy routines while your child is young and let them learn from your example. This can help you teach your child the best ways to care for their PKU – because it will become their job when they grow older.

Set your child up for success with this 3-step approach to managing PKU.

Habits are at the centre of knowledge, skills and drive, because forming habits early can help you and your child address challenges with treatment right away.

1. Provide knowledge

What to do and why

2. Inspire drive

Want to do it

3. Teach skills

How to do it


Work closely with your PKU care team.

Your care team will help you determine what’s most important for managing PKU, as this can be different for everyone. Set yourself and your family up for success by creating a PKU care plan tailored to your individual needs.

Start today with these four healthy habits

When a teacher or another parent asks about PKU, what do you say?

It might be easy to describe PKU as a dietary disorder, but PKU can have a big effect on the brain too.

So next time, try explaining the impact that PKU has on a developing brain. This will help others understand how important it is to pay attention to the foods your child is eating.

Planning for the future
with PKU.
Explore how to keep blood
Phe levels low.